May I just say this about H4...

I do respect every opinion as every voice of the fans should be eqaul. And yes MP is not prefected here and there. But overcoming camo and boltshot unbalance against enemies created a challenge on it’s own which can be fun to.

Also I feel people are picking this game a part for no appearent reason than be negative. That is a bit unnecessary i think but if thats your opinion. I geuss the point i’m tryin to make is this:

Yes, negative responses are welcome, but positive ones couldn’t hurt 343i’s progress either. Me myself for one really enjoyed the campaign as it found a great new angle for a new trilogy. And SPops really is picking up the pace which makes me really happy.

I hope people cheer up a little bit and enjoy the game as much as I do although it has it’s appearent flaws. En hope to see you all online to kick some yoink!

PS: English isn’t my language so sorry for the tipo’s…

Or they can fix Camo and the Boltshot instead of having to “overcome” it. While that does sound like a nice way to put things in perspective, it doesn’t really succeed in a fixing a problem. Until the game is fixed and put in working order, people probably aren’t going to “cheer up” either.

Me? The Campaign was bad for me so I that is a permanent ding on the game for me already. The Multiplayer and Spartan Ops can improve though.