May I get a 152 XP update? Best XP method?

I’m level 149. Almost 150. I need 38 million xp to get to 152. I hardly used XP boosts and took a break after I unlocked all the weapons and vehicles.

I’ve read that infection is best for solo players but I consistently suck at infection and get squat for XP.

I’ve seen videos that say Mythic FF on the weekends is best, but other posts on waypoint say it’s not worth the risk of losing. Do heroic FF instead.

I’ve read that just playing the first 2 rounds of FF and then losing gives you the best XP/hour. But you have to get 6 people committed to losing.

I’ve seen posts that SWAT gives the best XP/ hour because the games are fast. I’m a diamond rank and it’s pretty sweaty up there. I get less than 1K XP/min.

I’m pretty sure quick coring is by far the best and most efficient method but there are only a few guys who like to play warzone so getting 12 people on to do that doesn’t happen for me.

Also warzone assault has a high XP reward but it’s an intermittent playlist that only is available for a weekend here or there.

I’m saving req points for the next legendary XP pack sales. (Whenever the heck that will be)
Any insight would be much appreciated!!!

If you want to tag along grinding to 152 send a friend request on XBL.
Thanks folks,

mythic is better than heroic but obviously harder.
warzone assault or turbo are both better than firefight.
always play double xp playlists or if playing at non-peak times play firefight very quick games.
quick coring is definitely the best (outside of losing mythic in the 2nd round) however you will have to build a successful team of dedicated players.
my gt is JACKS HALO TAG I play firefight a lot but I am about to start playing warzone as my main playlist for a month or so. feel free to add me :slight_smile:

In my experience, all methods of XP gain more or less even out over an extended period of play time. It’s only in Firefight that you can truly maximize XP gain/hour if you have a full squad dedicated to ending games as quickly as possible. Granted, that’s provided you’re fortunate with the round objectives.

Edit: This applies to normal, un-featured playlists. Featured playlists (those with stars next to them) have increased XP rewards.

Just stick to Heroic or Legendary FF if you’re playing solo. The other Warzone modes like like Turbo give more XP, but the games can last a lot longer.

Losing on purpose is a bad idea.
Use those XP boosts every game. Play double XP games when availible. Play Warzone, then play more Warzone.

I am 150 and have about 23 million XP to go. Usually if the featured playlist is something fun I play that pretty routinely like roaming king and use the lowest boost. I typically avoid playlists that have the potential to last for a long time like WZ Turbo or regular WZ. If you have legendary WZ xp boosts, FF is an XP machine, but once they are gone it sure feels pretty slow. WZA is going up for the weekend and the matches end pretty quick so I recommend using whatever boosts you have and jump in. If you are feeling burnt out on all the options listed, you can try a few rounds of infection or FFA, but I typically will jump into Super Fiesta and try to end the matches as fast as possible.

Sticking to playlists you enjoy will lessen the grind. I am at about 64MM XP, ranked 288th on the H5 XP Leaderboard. I enjoy Heroic WZFF and regular warzone, so the games fly.

just a quick note that if you have all permanent unlocks- It’s actually more economical to spend all your REQ pts on Platinum Packs rather than purchasing the legendary packs outright. You end up with something like 4 more legendary boosts (and all the additional req cards) for the same amount of req points.

I figured that out after I spent all my points on legendary packs ha

Use boosts constantly! Infection, firefight and the double xp playlists each week are the best to play!

As some one who made it to 152 pretty quickly I will tell you this I feel heroic warzone firefight is the absolute best way to grind xp and even rp. Low stress and you don’t have to use a lot of reqs and most importantly games can end quickly, especially once you learn the spawns. The absolute quickest way to get xp is warzone assault when it’s available but you will die a lot and get curb stomped but the plus side of that is a lot of xp in short time as well. I stayed way from legendary and mythic because they require a lot of reqs and games typically lasted a long time. Arena wise it’s best to play whatever is featured as they payout more xp/rp. Use those xp boost as often as you can.

Thank you everyone!