May 11th Update Broke MCC

So just today I had an update to MCC. MCC isn’t allowing me to join my friend or them join me. Saying, “make sure the player has the most recent version of the game.” All of us have MCC updated.

Edit: Updated MCC on my Series S and it won’t even start either.

Edit 2: After the update all of my maps on Xbox are gone. Thanks 343. Make an update and break the game.

I think servers are down. I just went to matchmaking took ages to find nothing and assumed this was normal because it’s awful trying to find games normally and because the game didn’t tell me anything so I basically wasted my time and then went to custom games to be greeted by a message saying “servers are down”.

Bad enough that the game is poorly managed with population issues but there was like no warning.

Thats odd.
I wasnt partying up with anyone but the game was runing better than it had for a long time for me yesterday, fast matchmaking and consistent connection with zero issues so not sure how wide an issue this is/was.