Maximum Value Gold Packs

Dear 343i! And probably Microsoft…

Why? Why does the Maximum value cost a lot more if you live outside USA?!

I live in Sweden, and my Xbox is set to be in Sweden. The prices, however, are different, and there’s a huge difference, and very unfair.

So, if my Xbox is set to be in Sweden, the Maximum value Gold package costs 1099 Swedish crowns (SEK) which is about 129,27 USD! The rate is currently at 1 USD=8.5 SEK.

Now here is the money-grabbing issue with you guys. I changed my Xbox location to USA (to download HW2 beta…). So I want to buy a gold pack with my reqs, and as I was waiting for my next Warzone game, I started checking the pricing and they were all in USD. I check the maximum value, and it says 99 USD!!!

Answer this please…WHY IS IT ABOUT 30 USD more expensive if you live in Sweden than in America?! And don’t tell me service fees, or transaction fees bla bla bla. I want an honest answer from a capitalist money hungry/grabbing industry called 343. Thank you.



You would probably get an answer if you were nicer about it… I don’t get why people ask questions and be such yoinks about it.

You should protest outside Microsoft HQ and demand Gold REQ packs (especially the $99.99 bundle, don’t forgot about that one!) to go on sale.