Maxed Battle pass. Now what?

Well they already stated that they wont add a season 2 till summer. I guess you’ve shorted the longevity of your game bud. Idk what to tell as far as what to do next.

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Hmm, spent $200 on the battle pass did we? While I can’t condone that I do agree with you that there needs to be a secondary progression/unlock system. They are working on one, perhaps if you would’ve done the battle pass the normal way it would’ve been out by the time you completed it.

I just finished the 4th weekly reset (since the first week reset twice) and I’m only level 87, and I used 2XP from Rockstars on almost every single challenge. Crazy that you maxed out, unless you just paid like $50 to skip levels. Not really sure what to tell you, other than I guess play MCC then for the Anniversary rewards still going on. It does suck that there is no total XP bar like MCC and no way to save up future level unlocks for the next Battle Pass like MCC. There’s always next week’s weekly item, I guess.

The fact you spent any money other than the $10 to get the premium battle pass invalidates your post since if you didn’t spend money on boosts, you wouldn’t have this problem.

That’s also an ignorant assumption that people have $100s laying around to spend on games. I have only spent $10 for the battle pass and have 15-20 hours and am level 12.

Even though your timing is a little…“odd”, the actual question isn’t necessarily wrong.

Let’s say many players will reach this stage in February. The Season goes on until May. This would be quite a long time without any achievable progress.

In Rocket League you at least get colored variants of the previous items. Perhaps this could somehow be adapted.

My main concern is still that there is no “cashback” system. In other games, you get a certain amount of ingame credits back every ~10th level. So in the end, every Pass pays for the next one. This “could” somehow be mixed with the higher levels, so only hardcore players get back 100%.

But as for now, you have to buy every Battle Pass on its own…

BattlePass is supposed to be 120 levels, extra 20 levels should be out on the 8th

You’ve said this in two posts now… have you got any source for this whatsoever or are you just making things up?

Wouldn’t it have been relatively the same price to just have bought the levels?

Failing to see here how OP spending their money on unlockables affects you. Do they owe you money?

I understand everyone’s pains when it comes to a lot of cool things being hidden behind paywalls, but nobody is high and mighty for refusing to pay for cosmetics. If people want to spend let them, feel free to educate on the predatory nature of microtransactions but calling someone an idiot just devalues any logical points you may have made :man_shrugging:


Look at the achievement for reaching max level in a battle pass it says 120

If you’re reffering to ‘Battle Tested’ it just says “Complete a battlepass”. I can’t find a single source stating 120 levels so you’ll have to provide that if you have it.

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Listen man, I am not gonna knock anyone who works hard for their money on how or what they decide to spend it on, your money and time, your business…

That being said, I never understood why they feel the need to complain there is nothing else to do after speedrunning through the pass with their cash, knowing full well there’d be nothing else to do after, because that content was intentionally created to be unlocked within the span of 3-4 months unless you had the money to put into XP boosts and tier unlocks.

If you genuinely expect the devs to be capable of planning ahead for the types of whales who are ok with sinking 1-3K into speedrunning cosmetic unlocks and give them even more things to unlock when most of us were not even expected to get that far so quickly, well… you can always ask for more frequent store rotations because money is obviously not an issue for you…

I see this ending very badly for the rest of the playerbase if 343i balances it or adds additional paid free or paid unlocks around the whales tho…


It’s 200 credits/$2 for 1 2XP and 2 skips in the store, right? For what it’s worth, depending on where they bought the cans, it might be a better value to get the drink free for the same price. In my area, Rockstar cans are $1 each, so I bought a few dozen, since I’ll use them eventually. They won’t expire anytime soon. In my case, I get the perks and the drink for half the price of just the bundle in game. Levels are also about $2 each. I guess it depends how you want to use the money, if you’re trying to climb the Battle Pass or the Weekly Reward. There was also that nice promo where if you got a 12 pack of the limited edition flavor of Rockstar on Amazon, you also got a code for 36 swaps.

Without joining in on the ethical debate, here’s some productive things you can do today:

  • Ride a bike or take a walk

  • Play some good ol’ Halo just for fun

  • Religiously hound Halo Infinite news

  • Go eat some food

  • Take a bath

  • Make constructive posts on the forums (no sarcasm intended)

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The answer to your question is…SPARTAN RANKS. In a recent interview, it was confirmed that spartan ranks will be coming to Halo Infinite. The interviewee stated that they had hoped to have that ready at launch, but bigger “rocks” to move like forge might be slowing them down a bit.

I get your frustration, because I’m the same way with games. I need that grind beyond just gameplay. The game itself is a blast, but yes…I need the carrot. The battle pass is fine for 343 to earn money. I get it. But it should work in unison with a spartan rank system. This way, if you want to spend $100 or more on the battle pass, you can and you won’t have any reservations about running out of grind…because you’ll still have spartan ranks.

My hope is that December 8th brings answers; at least. Maybe we get lucky and they drop a whole spartan rank system with the launch!

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I’m actually a little torn on how to approach this. On the one hand, by purchasing the premium pass and 20 level skips you essentially paid to cut your time of progressing in half. If you’re someone who needs that progression to keep playing, you kind of brought it on yourself by skipping over a large chunk of it.

But then on the other hand, this is exactly what whoever designed the monetization and player progression system wanted you to do. Pay money so you could forego a lot of the frustration. That’s why they make things like the premium pass and level skips purchasable. In that regard, I can definitely say some of the blame lies with 343 as well for incentivizing you to pay to move through it quickly without having a secondary system in place once you’ve finished.

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John the master chef has a pie shop. he has been selling pies to thousands of customers for $1 a pie for many decades. The customers are happy to spend $1 and John is making good money. One day, John thinks to himself “what if I charged £1,000 for a pie instead of $1”, and he does that. now his $1 pies cost $1,000 even though they are exactly the same. All of his customers are angry now, because even though they have the money in their bank accounts to afford a pie, the cost is now so absurd that they can no longer justify buying a pie for that cost. The customers can no longer enjoy their favourite pies.

John starts to lose sales, and begins to think to himself “hmm, maybe this is a bad idea to price my pies so high… people are angry and won’t spend money here”, but just as he was going to revert the prices… Along comes Cortana.

Cortana is a fat whale of a woman, and she really wants pie, regardless of the price. She buys two pies, pretending that one is for a friend when really it is for her too. John has now made $2,000 selling his overpriced pies, and to John, a whale is now worth 2,000 loyal customers.

The millions of annoyed halo players are like the pie shop customers, and the cosmetic whales are like Cortana - all it takes is a handful of whales to justify putting all of the cosmetics in the shop for ridiculous prices. The millions of players who just want to pay a fair price and enjoy the game will be disregarded and forgotten.


Take some self control classes.


Where do you get that he spent $1000? It costs like $150 to go from 1-100 I think… and 30 hours of grinding only challenges, using double dp plus buying 20 levels will get you pretty close to max if not all the way there.


200 credits/$2 per level iirc, so $200 to finish the whole Battle Pass if he did literally 0 challenges for XP. No idea where the $1000 claim came from either, unless they meant 1000 credits which is only $10 for 5 levels. Not nearly as big of a deal.