Maxed Battle pass. Now what?

Ok so I have maxed my battle pass, I’m a sucker for unlockables even though imho the first 3/4 of the battle pass is nonsense.

People were complaining about progression speed but once you max this thing out you still have challenges that reward xp into a (0/1000) xp bar at 100 that doesn’t do anything. The xp you earn literally doesn’t even make the bar go up. No sort of prestige or anything.

Now I know this is technically “Beta” but it is season 1 so it really isn’t. I’m just wondering with all the people complaining about the battle pass progression, when you reach max before the season ends then what? We cant earn anything other than the weekly after hitting max.


Hot damn son how much have you played and how much 2xp did you use?

I use 2xp on most of my challenges and I’m only at about 46.

And when I complete the pass, I’m still gonna play the game cause I enjoy the gameplay.


Go outside.


I bought the premium and probably purchased about 20 levels wanted to get the early kill animation, the rest was swapping stupid challenges into always having double xp. I bought about 10 cases of Rockstar, probably only drank 5 cans but pulled the tabs off a lot of cans.

Don’t get me wrong I freaking love halo and can’t wait until the campaign where I will be spending a lot of my time and will still play the multiplayer, just that constant wanting to grind something out and the carrot on the stick is no longer there. I feel a sense of loss now.

You are calling someone an idiot for doing something they wanted to in a game they love? Not sure where you get off on trashing someone. So are you saying this game is not fun?

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I guess I just don’t need that carrot on a stick. Unlocking stuff is nice, but that’s not something we had back in the day.

I still hold those sentiments in the games I play nowadays. I recommend Forza Horizon 5, you don’t need to pay for stuff to unlock everything in that game.


yeah i am saying the game isnt fun. Whats fun about being shot in the back over over over? Whats fun about killing someone just for them to spawn behind you to kill you?

Whats fun about random weapon drops? Random vehicles? Random everything pretty much. The game is babys first shooter.


1000 what? and me having money makes specifically (ME?) the problem with gaming. Glad I am that important and influential!


Now you can try to get good at the game maybe ?

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I was a huge Diablo 2 Fan growing up, so the constant loot hunt and xp grind was there. Never ending carrot on a stick. Yeah i will most likely go back into Forza and play halo here and there. I started playing Forza then this came out.

I only bought $100 of credits and probably spent well under 50 of it on the actual battle pass including the premium battle pass that included the 25 level grants then used the rest to buy random packs as they came out. Now I dont play on spending anymore on it but will continue to play the game as I enjoy many aspects of it, just feel you should keep earning something after Lvl 100.

I mean I do plan on it since I work 60+ hours a week, but my outside time is basically driving to and from work. I didnt know people were still throwing this kind of shade around.

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And this is why I only bought battlepass and nothing else, I’m happy to plod along casually unlocking as I go, it’s kinda funny how people can be so eager to progress, that they buy levels and cosmetics only to end up with nothing more to unlock till next pass. I don’t mean this in any negative way, it’s just human nature, kind of like the rabbit and the hare. Always reach the goal eventually, my wallet just happier for it


Pretty much this. I bought just the regular pass, and all of my 2xp has been gotten from energy drinks, since I already drink those anyway.

100% agree with this, I do not regret the money I spent, I regret my ADHD and need for instant gratification on wanting things right away. This game is not like it to me but a lot of games are very predatory on impulsive decisions. I wish I didn’t buy any tiers but now I can focus time on other things.

I specifically do not agree with the way the message is being conveyed and the manner in which it is brought forward. That user is on a “rampage” through the forums at the moment. Patiently waiting for actions to be taken.

So, that’s not to say that I’m not entirely in disagreement with the “message” itself.

You do with your money as you please, that’s up to you.
However, it is because money is being spent so… frivously that we’re finding ourselves in a situation where armor kits cost 20$, developers and publishers have utilised loot boxes and psychologial manipulation to bring in the most money they possibly can, exploiting the weak and affecting everyone else.
And now we have XP boosts, level skipping and challenge swaps available for real money.
They’re selling solutions to problems they created.
Don’t like the challenge and feel stuck? Out of swaps? Better get agrevated or purchase a swap.
Progression feels slow? Better buy a boost, or why not just an entire level and skip a lot of grind?

Devs and Pubs should reeeaallly reel in on how they conduct business, but they see no reason to do so unless they stop earning far more money than they need to run the project and also get a profit. I mean, the campaign itself will probably cover a lot of development costs, if not all of them, and still make them a nice profit.

As long as they create problems, and players purchase the sold solutions, then they’ll keep continue doing it.

You mentioned you were a huge Diablo 2 fan growing up. Leveling and loot hunting.
Now this game isn’t officially released yet, as we’re in “beta”. A new Battlepass is 150? 160 days away.
And you find yourself asking the community, what to do now? After you spent money to bypass the XP grind.
Isn’t it kind of like, Pay to not Play?
150 - 160 more days untill a new battlepass, it’s not like there isn’t enough time.
I wouldn’t say the issue with the progression is that it’s… slow, but unrewarding and annoying. Limited to progressing only three challenges at a time, four if you’re a premium player, no performance reward, just a participation prize. The free tier is limited and contain basically only consumables to make it a little more bearable to progress further. Eliminate the frustrations and I believe a lot of people currently not happy with the progression pacing would be somewhat happier even though the pace would remain the same.

The only thing I see them realistically being able to award you with is “prestidge” mode without rewards altogether.


I got undiagnosed ADHD, kind of trained myself to stop and think for a moment do I really need it, still cave in a lot but it is what it is lol

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Celleta. Just because you have money, does not mean that you should throw it down the toilet like a child in a sweet shop. I too have lots of money but I refuse to be bent over and scammed. I managed to achieve level 40 on the 10 euro battle pass so far

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No shade. Just being a smartass. Grandma used to call me the Instigator.

I feel your pain. Since the beta released I’ve been bringing my surface and a controller into work with me. During lunch I find a spot with good wifi and play infinite over the cloud (which is surprisingly flawless I might add).

I am going to side with others and say it’s foolish to flush hard earned money on virtual cosmetics. Have you heard the good word about Microsoft Rewards?

Now it’s time to get the multiplayer achievements?

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