Max rank increase/more specializations?

I just was wondering if there planning to go past the rank 130 since just reached it, well there’s nothing else to unlock. Seem’s the only left to do is wait for the new sparan ops episodes, well the dlc achievements but that’s it. Mainly now been just sticking to custom games since not a big fan of halo 4 multiplayer (Rather not do too deep into that since annoys me to no end)

Have you gotten Protector DRFT yet?

I’m not really a big fan of the armor unlocks since hate most of the designs in halo 4 plus I noticed most of them have similar names with the only difference is the texture is slightly shifted.

Just to be clear I meant unlocked all the specializations.

I believe that I read in one of the bulletins that 343 is planning to release 8 more specializations the second week of February, one week after the last of the current specializations are unlocked. At that point the SR will be uncapped until one reaches a SR of 210, which will then be the cap until ???.

The one question that I have, but nobody has answered yet is if the XP one gets from play and achievements is actually being tracked in the background while at SR130 and will be applied to the new specializations when they are released, or if they just go straight into the bit bucket (which is a huge disincentive to play until SR130 is uncapped).

Given 343’s decision to hide in-game skill ranks, I can definitely see them expanding and focusing on the XP ranking system. What’s pathetic is that they’d think they’re improving the game.