MAX Party Size

I gotta say I’m disappointed in the MAX Party Size on FFA Games like Regicide.

Shouldn’t the MPS be set at 1? Instead of 6?

My first game last nite after work I got involved in a Messy RAGE infested game.
2 punks who I assume were around 7-10yo decided to hook up there guest controllers. They actually tried to coerce me to join them in Cheating & Boosting. REALLY??

As much as I wanted to KTA it’s pretty difficult when the KING has shields. Although, I heard the one PUNK say he’s destroying me HELP ME!(talking to the KING) LOL

So I figure WHY file a complaint if the game actually welcomes or promotes this behavior by allowing the MPS to be set at 6 in a FFA game.

Is it this way in previous HALO games. I can’t remember. If it is then I guess I shouldn’t be frustrated.


Please tell me that I’m wrong. I welcome it. Seriously (not being sarcastic)

this is normal and is in the past games as well