Max local players 4!!!! Come on 343

Lol so I get on with my friends there are a total of 6 ready to play and getting hyped I clicked BTB only to find out that it does not allow more than 4 locally in your party. It’s so disappointing because I ran a clan of 80 members back in the day and I have a lot of people that I play with regularly and I wish they would get this -Yoink- fixed already. I have downloaded almost 5 gigs of patches and the most basic features still don’t work please get this working

Most games have a max of four local party size.

OP you may want to change your title as “local players” refers to the number of people playing on the same xbox not matchmaking party size.

However, you are correct in that Big Team Battle is currently limiting parties to 4 max. This was terribly frustrating tonight as we had a party of 6, and even 7 at one point, that couldnt play matchmaking due to the restrictions. We spent nearly an hour dealing with all the nonsense trying to get the party to work and then when we did we couldnt play Big Team.

Hope this gets fixed soon as its a new development after the last update as far as I can tell.