MAX exp for the day.

Umm, i just got a message saying i’ve reached the max amount of EXP for the day, and its only 11 am. What gives? I’m like 6k EXP away from SR 30, when does this reset? Kinda ruins my day if I cant rank up anymore.

I hit the cap yesterday at SR 24 and a half, roughy. Strange, I’ve heard of the cap being at different levels. Anyway I checked this morning before class and was able to rank up again. 1 day limit.

I just hit too. I came on here to see if anyone knew how the limit worked since I hit it so early in the day. i would also like to know when it resets.

I really want to get to SR-50. Anyone know what the highest rank is today if you got SR-24 yesterday?

Message me on XBL on zRSo to find out how to get more xp after cap :smiley:

Then don’t play for credits but for fun.