Mature Gamers Club "MGC" is looking for Halo players!

We got together to create a site or “club” for people, young and old, skilled and unskilled, new gamers and veteran gamers to have fun. We’re try not to stress over much. Because, in reality, this is just a game, hobby, or a way to past time. We emphasize fair-play and competition for fun. Those that are interested in joining the group please remember we do have some guidelines that must be agreed-upon, we do not want players that promote winning or taking advantage of exploits. Feel free to visit us here or on the web at

Thank-you and hope to play with you soon!

Great bunch of folks over here @MGC. Like Saucey said, we get together for fun and have a great time. We all like winning but it’s not everything. There are no tryouts, etc., just stop by and introduce yourself.

Look forward to seeing some of you over there!

Cant find a better club. We know how to have fun and relax with friends while playing video games. Cant beat that.

Hey, I haven’t played Halo in forever, but I just bought CE and would like to get back into it. No Reach experience, so I’m sure I’m very bad. But if anyone wants to play, send me an invite or friend request.

Sure Zerg, if you want to join up we are happy to have you.

Is there an application process or do you just register? Looks like a good group!

Nope you just register and you are in. Of course we have some restrictions according to age (you must be old enough to agree to the terms of service, over 18) but other than that we ask you treat other members respectfully (not acting like a 4-year-old).

Cool, thank you!


Great bunch of guys to play and hang with, can’t go wrong here!

While our club may be pretty quiet during the spring and summer lulls expect everything to pick up once the AAA FPS titles start coming out in the fall. If you are looking to be competitive too then we can also accommodate you. Would love to get some more people to make callouts and such for the maps in Halo, it makes it so much easier to play when everyone knows the areas.

Is MGC still up and running, if so, I would be interested in joining - if thats OK?