Mature Clan, 18 or older, Casual, Competitive, Fun

Currently looking for Warzone Players. If you can play Arena Playlists well it’s a +. If you can have fun in Customs Games it’s a ++.

Mensaje Ess Taco si usted es un hablante españolFeel free to request: I FallenXHero I or HeavySetBaton8. We’re active and aiming for the Achilles Armor and I’m sure there will be more armor that is exclusive to Spartan Companies in the future so I highly recommend you get settled in now. I encourage you bring a friend along because clans are more fun with friends. Any questions just let me know or the others. We currently have 96 members. PLEASE HAVE A MICROPHONE! I had to kick a few people to keep spots open since those people were inactive, failed to behave accordingly, or were illiterate. I also recommend you check out our allies at BnS Perfection

What we are currently looking for*:

  • A good reason for us to let you in. (This isn’t required but is recommended.) - Mature Players, Be at least 18+ and behave.Benefits

  • Mature, Fun, Veterans of the Halo Series. - Need People who can play as a team and callout. - We like to have a mature clan with members who can respect one another and support each other through gameplay and morale. - Don’t ever have to play alone. - Arena Teams on Occasion. - Warzone Win Rate is high with full team. - Fun Custom Game Nights! (More Later this month) - Level 2/5 on Kill Commendation for those interested in Achilles (Average of 5500** Kills a day)

*Exceptions may be made however due to spots filling fast we may take someone with superior stats and story over those who just say that can aim and have lesser stats.

**Progress is based on activity in clan within the last 7 day on average.

We are open to players of any level and please be active w____eekly at the minimum on Halo 5: Guardians. We all have lives beyond Halo 5: Guardians so don’t worry about the pressures of gameplay take care of your priorities before you get on. Check our Clan Bio for more info.

You won’t be alone Spartan, for you have Black Sun Sentinels to join you in battle.
The Link to Apply

OR Apply Here if Full