Mathematically Perfect

I’ve had the fortune of being in a match where both my teammate and I were able to get Perfections. Another time a friend has had the misfortune of a loss Perfection (sad, but true)…These incidents got me thinking: Just how many Perfections would be mathematically possible to achieve between both teams in one game? Factoring in the new drop-in/drop-out mechanism in matchmaking, since to obtain max output both teams need people to kill…

Anyone want to crunch the numbers?

in a typical slayer match = 7

red team 1 go 15-0
red team 2 go 15-0
red team 3 go 15-0
red team 4 go 0-45then quit
red team 5 go 15-0

blue team 1 go 15-0
blue team 2 go 15-0
blue team 3 go 15-0
blue team 4 go 0-60

end result is 600-450