I was playing Team Arena, im platinum 1 was p2 but left because got paired up with team of 4 and my team had 3 kills and 9 deaths. person left and then after my 9th death i left. i wanna have fun and have a challenge when i play.

Whats up with the matchmaking you get put with kids that suck on your team and dont wanna communicate, the other team is group of 4 that play lot together. know the spawn of weapons and time, their rank is diamond. best part there is no setting to have people with headset which sucks. I could honestly care less how long i gotta wait, i have played mw2 and waited 4 mins just to get into a game. we all have played zombies and know how frustrating it can get when people dont wanna communicate or dont have headset. there needs to be options for matchmaking. the ban is little op, but hey sets the bar if you wanna play halo serious you gotta play serious. i have few complaints but fix matchmaking, and who came up with the idea you cant see players now that different idea and honestly i could see how lot people dont like it. i wanna have challenge but dont wanna play with people that have been playing this game since day and spend 8 hours of their day playing with a team. like at least create playlist where you need party of 4 to play team vs team. wont be the best playlist but sounds fair.
KDA- 1.9/Platinum

Guys dont like complaining but im disappointed in 343 in the development of the this game. i have been playing since halo 2 love this series but halo 5 hasnt really impressed me.

As far as I know, there has never been a feature like that (finding players only with mics) in the history of halo. What you should do is go online and find a team to play with instead of going by yourself and teaming with randoms. There are websites and clans devoted just to that.