I’m not a programmer and no disrespect to the programmers at 343, but how hard is it to make a matchmaking system that matches randoms vs randoms/partied players vs partied players? Just curious (and kinda salty because of a couple matches.) I play BTB only, solo, and I just play to play. I’ve played enough to know when a team is partied and organized. Though I’m feeling selfish for bringing this up. Roast me if you want.

It’s not hard, at least I wouldn’t think it would be as older versions of the game did this if I am remembering correctly. But 343 has placed match making times above all else so they won’t do that as with the low population it would take a long time for teams to find games. They want Halo to primarily be a team focused game, which yeah stinks for us solo players.

Seriously I have the worst luck ever. The more I play, the worse I’m getting. The better the teams I’m playing are. It’s BTB, it should be relaxing but it feels like I’m struggling to even get a single shot out. I’m actually disgusted with myself because I started betraying my teammates for their power weapons and I still couldn’t get any kills, so I just left the match. It’s depressing to know how much of an -Yoink- I am.