Matchmaking wait times

Anyone else waiting forever to find games in some playlists later on in the evening / early morning? I can more or less never find btb or ranked matches after midnight until around 8am onwards.

Seems fine during peak times but after midnight it’s like a dead game.


I’ve seen the same thing today in the morning. I’m in the GMT+1 Timezone (Central and Western Europe). Might be good to list the timezone you’re in so you can actually make comparisons.

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Same here, same timezone

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I’m UK based so we’re in the same ballpark. Glad it’s not just me as I’ve seen others say they’re fine, especially with btb.

I figured ranked was struggling because it’s a smaller playerbase the higher you go but can’t think of a reason for btb not finding games. Quickplay I’m instantly into a game more or less but I’d much rather play other playlists in what should still be a very active easily populated game.