Matchmaking Variety

I know that there is two more modes at least for halo infinite to come but I’m hoping that simple playlists can be implemented soon, the current mcc matchmaking system is excellent being able to custom tailor what modes you want to play.
But currently with infinite there is not enough variety to last very long despite the spectacular gameplay and stellar map design.
I’d personally like to see free for all and SWAT before or on December 8th as these are core modes. As for modes/playlists that I would like to see.
Team Snipers
Shotty Snipers
King of the hill
Breakout (underrated)
Action sack
Multi team (if possible with the new friend or foe system)
Any existing or new modes you guys want to see implemented asap or down the line?

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If we can’t queue for Slayer on Dec. 8 I’m going to be severely disappointed in 343i.


I agree with you 100%

The fact that they haven’t even spoken about firefight worries me that the game mode may take a year or far longer to be implemented. That is the gamemode I want most.

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