Matchmaking unbalance?

Why is this game so hard to enjoy as a fireteam? My teammates have various skill levels, one is onyx, one is diamond and I’m platinum.

The matchmaking is relentlessly sweaty, being honest, flat out unenjoyable to play as a full lobby (not necessarily playing as a team)

The current system for matchmaking is aweful and I don’t know how else to say it.

ANY game that requires a 30 minute warm up before playing multiplayer is heading in the wrong direction. Some of us have jobs, you can’t even enjoy a beer and play this game socially with friends -that’s a problem.

the game is frustrating to such an extent that players cannot enjoy most playlist for more than a few hours as a fireteam. Either remove this entirely or make SIGNIFICANT changes to Matchmaking. Current system REQUIRES you to play at the absolute top of your performance 100% of the time.

** solo matchmaking is perfect. (Edit)

Anyone else having this issue?

Halo infinite is an awesome game, I’m not going to pretend it’s not. -however- SBMM was an issue in H5 and this title lost players bc of it.

PS: we need map and gamemode voting, if anyone played modern FPS’s you would know this

PSS: FFA NEEDS to be ranked? What’s going on?

TLDR: matchmaking system is a disease and needs serious tweaks to keep players interested IMO -especially if you want players spending money in a store

Name one pvp game you sit back and relax in?

Yeah I agree. This game is toxic. I just want to sit back and relax but people want to ruin other peoples experiences because they’re dishonorable and inconsiderate of others. It’s disgusting, and 343 ain’t really doing anything about it. Plus, what’s up with the fact that you can get kicked for being idle in lobby? Like wat?! I would like to play on my phone while waiting and it takes a minute to join sometimes with ranked. I would like to know 343s mentality when they thought that one up…


No one plays that bull crap. It’s also not a competitive game


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