matchmaking today

Anyone else getting really a really weird expierence when looking for a match this morning?
At first i was getting an error saying unable to search for players now im getting put into lobbies where half the players get kicked and the rest of us are just waiting in the lobby cause we cant bqck out and no other players end up joining

Yep me too, cant search for a lobby,

Yeah same here.

I can’t even find a match dude… Have reset my Xbox, game and modem twice now.

Yes I just finished a game of Slayer then keep getting the error messages when I try and join the lobby again.

Modders again, perhaps?

yeah…it is down

I can’t even join the lobby now either. I’ll assume something is down… -Yoink- im 5 wins off Diamond in Slayer, hope this isn’t the reset.

Well at least i know its not juat me. Thanks guys

Ugh it was down yesterday for a while too. Can’t play either.

Ya I’m having trouble as well

●An error occurred while searching for players. Please try again later.

Yeah it’s down, a buddy and I had heaps of games up until around 30 mins ago. Couldn’t even back out of MM to try another playlist.

I think XBL is having issues too, Party Chat wasn’t working either.

Happy I’m not alone on this. XBL put out a service alert that parties and friends lists are down but didn’t see anything about online play. Happy to finally find this. I’m also getting “Matchmaking encountered network difficulties” on top of the one listed a few comments back.