Matchmaking tip from Frankie

We’ve been working at and on various issues all day and users are seeing some improvements – and here’s a wonky but useful tip that should significantly improve some players’ experiences:

When you are in the matchmaking state, looking for players, make sure that the column on the right is headed by the string, “In Lobby” - Usually with gray boxes beneath, until a whole game is gathered.

If it’s in any other state, or you don’t see that it says “In Lobby” as pictured, you will not successfully join a game. Simply press “B” to back out to the main menu, then go back into Multiplayer and Find Game. You should see “In Lobby” and have a much better chance of finding a good session. These shots demonstrate “good” and “bad” conditions you should be attempting to get to.

Awkward? Yes. Sorry! But simple and a tiny band aid while we work on the bigger medicine. More news as we fix more stuff.




It is possible to find a match in the bad state but far less likely