Matchmaking Tip – 99% Success Rate

Finding games isn’t as difficult these days but the problem is if you are playing with a buddy and trying to rank up, it will eventually split you up and post you on opposite teams.

Last night a friend and I were having great games by doing the following:

Exit to the dashboard and restart the game. If you don’t know how to do this you simply click start on the game window in the dashboard and select quit.

Boot the game and search as normal in a party. The first game you find after restarting will always put you on the same team as your party (at least with two players I haven’t tested with more).

Once you complete the match and view the post-game report, follow the first step and restart the game again. When you both restart the game, it resets whatever parameters are preventing it from working properly and you won’t have an issue with matchmaking putting you on separate teams.

I understand this is annoying and completely ridiculous but it definitely works and is a temporary fix that will allow you to rank up with your friend without frustration.

Yep, this has been working for me too! So far today my attempts have been 6/6 success.

That’s so broken.

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> That’s so broken.

I agree

This doesn’t work. My first game with 1 friend and we ended up on 2 different teams.

You just got lucky.

If this works then thanks, but it’s still a bit too much effort by restarting the game and joining up again and searching.

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> This doesn’t work. My first game with 1 friend and we ended up on 2 different teams.
> You just got lucky.

It has worked every time for me man. The only issue i have is sometimes it wont find players so we have to restart the search. This is rare though.

Make sure you both restart the game!

This sounds like it would be useful… if I could ever find a game. =\

2 for 2 so far. I think this might be a legit way

The thing is I don’t want to have to restart my console every single time I want to play with my friends

I’ve been doing that same thing jimiStig even though it’s pain to keep launching the same app after every game

Any suggestions for people who can’t even find a game? Lol

Here’s a better idea. How about the idiots at 343 fix this steamy turd of a game?

Wow, that’s a work around I guess. I’ve decided I’m not playing MM until it’s actually fixed though. Too ridiculous. All of it.