Matchmaking taking a longtime to find players

hi there

look i have been playing halo from release and the game was great the multiplayer was a big set up from MCC. now ever since 343i did this region specific match making
i cant find a single Arena or Warzone match at all i get the message that says " there may not be enough players to support a game in this playlist please try a different playlist " now i am not saying the matchmaking is broken because if i join us with randoms i can get into the arena and warzone fine i am hoping that we can get some sort of response from 343i to kind of explain more in depth how matchmaking works hopefully something comes of this and we can get somewhere instead of worrying about content patches

below i will link the original forum post for the region specific match making that 343i posted

Thanks and hopefully some chnge can come from this

I’m hoping they will solve some match making problems with the January update.

I played during the region specific matchmaking test and it worked really well for me; fast matchmaking, no lag, never got kicked etc.