Matchmaking system my -Yoink-

I’m European, more specifically from Finland. I’ve been enjoying the campaign & Spartan Ops, but every single time I play Wargames (especially late’ish at the evening, around 7pm GMT) I get matched up with a FULL lobby of Americans. Except for me. This has been the case in around a good 40-50% of my games. In Halo: Reach, it was bearable. In Halo 4, it’s just pure agony. American host + Eastern Europe player are not meant together.
I doubt there is a lack of European players, seeing that the game has just launched and all playlists are stacked with players. Why on earth would the system match me with full US lobbies this often, when there certainly is an option to match me with other Europeans?



Simple solution, move to America.
But seriously, is there no “best connection” option for searching

laziness, 343 is trying to ride on the coattails of the next installment of halo game thinking that’ll be it. and they won’t need to do anything else