Matchmaking system isn't fair.

343 Industries please make the matchmaking system fair, I want to play with people having the same skill I have!
I wanted to make this a thread with many stuff explaining why it isn’t unfair. But ended up making it a short thread.
Here’s are some links to carnage reports where I had bad teammates and where stuff are not fair:
Picture 1:
Got no words for it…
Picture 2:
I had 2 people with his rank as diamond in my team. 2 people from the enemy team left, which makes things unfair.
Picture 3:
Pretty fair that a bunch of people having gold rank is playing against a bunch of people having platinum rank
Picture 4:
Someone from the enemy team left, which causes the enemy team to lose.

And at the end, you should notice all ranks are not in the same division. Some are not even ranked, and some are in a higher division than the other and vice versa.
343 please fix this problem

EDIT: I accidentally posted this unfinished. Sorry for that!