Matchmaking sucks, needs a mercenary playlist

I’m so sick of
CONSTANTLY matching me (without fail):

  • WITH morons/ casuals who do not care about playing objective/ do not know how to play
  • AGAINST tryhard sweaty pre-made stacked clans that do nothing but pubstomp in the
    same group all day

When I’m at the top of the list of every single game I play, with the next highest person typically having a fraction of my score, and STILL lose 0-3, it’s clear that it is not my fault that I am losing. I would have no problem playing with morons against morons, or with sweats against sweats. But when every single game is so consistently lopsided, there is clearly a problem.

Stop putting me with dragdowns, or stop putting me against premade teams. Game has barely been out for a day and I’m already infuriated with the matchmaking.

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