Matchmaking, stats and reqs

do I need to reset my gamer tag or???
im in Australia.
i can’t find games in warzone assault, BTB, swat, FFA, breakout and in all others I’m being kicked some times, can’t view my online friends list, can’t use req boosts or view req points or store, can’t view stats after a game and in warzone I can’t view or use my reqs.

Hard to enjoy this game when I can’t even play it

No BTB for me either (Aussie). This is garbage!! It was working in 2015!

I’m currently shopping for a new game to get into, I gave halo 5 a go even though master chief collection was horrid online but halo 5 is turning out just as bad. I’ve had trouble with halo 5 since I started playing it but the issues are only getting more frequent and more of them. I’m really disappointed as I love halo and have played since the original. When it’s working well there’s nothing better than a good arena match in halo!