matchmaking Split screen Problem.

There is something That I would like to bring up that has been in the game for a very long time that I and many others Don’t think need to be in the game. For it causes a problems when you are play with three or Four people on one Tv.

The Issue is when someone either gets a kill or Dies a text scrolls across the screen that says what happened and by who. But its scrolls right infront of the reticle and blocks that and some of the screen Making it harder to aim and focus on the person you are engaging.

In our opinions this is something that really isn’t neccery because we aren’t reading the text when we are playing we just keep going and You have a Red X that tells you if a teammate died and the person is right next to you to tell you.

I have a bigger tv so each individual screen for the everyone is an ok size, But this text makes it even smaller throughout the whole game. So I can’t even imagine how much smaller it would be for smaller TV’s.

Now its not a huge deal, But its something that if not there would make the game more enjoyable in Halo Reach and Halo 4. So maybe If you were able to take it off in the options or if it was smaller and somewhere else on the screen or just gone that would be great in my opinion.

Does anybody else notice this and agree? What are your opinions?

most playlists don’t allow more than 2 local players due to increased lag with guest players, so that problem doesn’t really come up to often.