Matchmaking should keep the player looking for a new Match after the Match ends

Everytime you finish a Match, you are kicked back to the MP menu and have to re-queue for a match. Typically in Halo games you would stay in matchmaking, looking for a new match as you browsed your previous match’s results and stats


I like the way it is now. When you want to have a break you can and start again when you want to and not have to wait for the game to end then opt out before the next game starts. This also stops a lot of people being afk too

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They should at least make the re-queue button appear on the first screen you land on after a match. I keep forgetting to queue up like a dummy

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I personally like that it doesn’t do that cause I don’t have to remember to exit a game if someone leaves to get a drink or something, but meh. Not a big difference.

Agreed. Re-queue in the post-game lobby would be perfect.


After game I hit RB then X and it starts up again just like that

Really? Is there a UI prompt for that that I’m just totally missing?

Yes. After the game were your at your profile page and can see your game stats. Hit the Right Bumber this will move it to a next player. Then there will be an option at the bottom of the screen for next match press X. So after a match RB, then X to start another match

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