Matchmaking settings

Some thoughts I have on the matchmaking settings for both QP and ranked.

Quickplay (and BTB) SBMM needs to be eased up. QP should be a mix bag where some games you slay, and some games you are the slayed. But it for sure wasn’t meant to be a sweat fest nonstop. That’s what ranked is for. I’m finding quickplay to be MORE sweaty than ranked honestly.

Speaking of ranked, there should be more strict matchmaking for players in your bracket. I was playing today at diamond 1. Every person I spoke with on my team was in gold 2, 3 or 4. Not saying these players won’t climb the ranks (it’s fairly easy so far) but this is a pretty huge gap between where I was at and where they were.

In summary: I’d like to see sbmm toned down (not fully removed) in QP and more strict matchmaking in ranked.

I’d also like to be able to select input methods for QP. It’s my opinion the pro players and steamers have this one wrong and we will likely see M&K at the top once they grow more accustomed to Halo. Sure, they don’t have one of the two kinds of AA that controller players do (they still have the same bullet magnetism) but at the top end of competitive play, everyone hits their shots. I think M&K will end up dominating because of the superior control it allows in movement. You see this time and time again in shooters. But that remains to be seen.