Matchmaking service / I wish it worked differently ....

My trueskill [25ish] isn’t great at all. I’ve noticed recently that the matchmaking service is giving me LOTS of games against folks with skills of 10 or less.

Are there any settings on my end that tells the matchmaking service not to match me against anyone + or - 10 points of my trueskill???

Is there a way I can check out who I’m playing [trueskill, rank, etc.]? If so how is that done??

If none of the above can be done I wonder why???

Note: I’ve been playing around with rushing a lot recently just to make sure that I understand how it works. However rushing a guy who is playing his first real MP game in Halo Wars just feels wrong …

Note: One of the newbs was using his headset. I snagged mine. He let me know right off the he wasn’t a rusher and when my scouting confirmed that I stopped my rush-in-the-making and went a more traditional route. [The rush would have had him beat in no time]

I won easily enough but the guy at least got to play, field some troops, and even blow up some of my buildings before things turned around.

Nope, sorry. Trueskill works when there’s enough people on. The problem is that there aren’t. You get matched with whoever is searching at that moment. It sucks, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do.