Matchmaking #s of people playing in each game type

I would like to see how many people are actually in each game type playing or queued when searching for a game type to play. There are so many different matchmaking game types to sit in and not everyone queues for the same thing. There clearly is not enough communication to us “the end-users.” We are kept in the dark, not sure if others are queuing for the same game type. It would be a huge help to us to have a clear view of what is going on.

For example: When there are currently 10 players in Big Team Battle game type, that information would be extremely helpful in knowing that I should play something else rather than waiting in queue forever.

I hope this suggestion goes somewhere productive.

I like this idea, it would be helpfull, i remeber in halo 3 we could see how many players were playing in each playlist so we could take the one with the most people in it !


Agreed. Surprised this wasn’t in from the beginning. Though with the state of affairs MM is in now, it’s pretty low on the totem pole. Just being able to play would be a start sadly.