Matchmaking Return

Ok I was wondering if in Halo 5 Living Dead will be back I enjoy it more then Flood but Flood is still good. The thing I dont like about it is that you can sword plunge from so far away you dont have overshields as Last Man Standing and you cant kill a Flood with a headshot with 1 hit.

This is just my opinion but yours may be different I loved living dead but i still like Flood I wont be too dissapointed if you kept Flood but remember this is my opinion!

And Humans are not lime green.

Have you tried to new Flood modes by chance? Some pretty good stuff.

I would love for the classic living dead playlist back in halo 5 guardians. I personally didnt like it being replaced with flood, for a few reasons like what bubba said, it takes more than one headshot to kill a flood, and thruster-pack killed any chance of survival as a human. The newer gametype, gravemind was even worse in my opinion. When halo 4 came out, 343 said they were making living dead as its own official playlist, instead of being a slayer variant, because its so popular, yet now flood doesn’t resemble living dead in the slightest. I’m totally cool with flood being a playlist, but it needs to be like the original living dead playlist in how it feels. I would think alot of people would agree, as infection has always been in the top playlists, and flood is not anywhere near as popular. Nor has it been since lauch.

I agree with you IINoble and like you said im fine with flood