Matchmaking question for contiguous matches

I have a question regarding the way H2A handles contiguous matchmaking matches.

Back in Classic Halo 2, you would form a party with your friends and hop in matchmaking. Once you complete your match, your team gets placed back into matchmaking and is matched up against a different group of people. The system was great, and kept the game feeling fresh.

Last night i had my first H2A contiguous match, and it appeared that the matchmaking system just placed my party in the same match we had just played, just on a different map. This is similar to how Destiny handles their matches, where if noone leaves, everyone plays the same teams again…and frankly this makes the game feel pretty stagnant and repetitive.
Is this the intended design, or will this be worked out with some upcoming matchmaking updates? To go from the H2 Classic system to this feels like a giant step backwards…

I am happy that you found a match at all LOL! I have yet to find one and that is with hours of searching :slight_smile:

But I do 100% agree with you.

I agree. The old way is better.