Matchmaking quality ideas

I was designing a game with my brothers a long time ago, and I figured I’d share a few adapted ideas from that to improve multiplayer since that idea has since halted due to all of us working full time now.

If someone is severely lagging for some reason, slightly slow them down so the jumpiness isnt so severe, it helps on both sides as I have seen people exploit this for odd cqc mobility, but would also help the player lagging as they would be less likely to walk off a cliff on accident.

Prevent people with a great disparity of rank from playing together in ranked, if there is such a difference they should keep it casual, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have seen smurf Champ/Onyx and Bronze/Silver players play together to manipulate rank in Halo 5, 2 tiers like Platinum to Silver, Gold to Diamond, etc., should be the max

Give some kind of reward or bonus to players who often get top 50% in Assists and the lower 50% in Deaths because they are the lifeblood to team games and deserve more credit than they get.

Make some kind of bonus to XP/RP/whatever for getting tasks done a certain type of way that changes every week so spice things up, like one week it is get Wingman Medals, the next would be get Airborne Snapshots, the next get Wheelman Medals, then Base captures, and so on. I loved challenges in Reach and Halo 4 :3

Interested to hear your thoughts everyone