Matchmaking Problems 31.12 and 01.01.

Yesterday and today were probably the worst matchmaking days I’ve seen in any game.

  • Constant bad lag during matches (teleporting players and such)
    Constant Host Migrations
    Up to 5 mins waiting to get into a single match: incoming, found match, everything gone, start again
    Being thrown into lobbies that never start (setting up game) and you cannot quit
    Lopsided games with even player numbers (5v1, 6v2)
    One CTF went through the whole set-up, map-selection etc, with 5 people, started, put all 5 in one team, instant win, game over

Just FYI, 343

NAT: Open
DL 100mps
UL 6mps

I had the same problems yesterday with matchmaking.

I was playing yesterday in SWAT & DLC Crimson and it teleported players all over, and full lobbies turned into empty ones. I don’t post this as a complaint; I just want it fixed however the 343i team repairs that stuff.

Thank you!

It got so bad for me today that I popped out Halo 4 and put in Reach. It did not look as nice, but it played well.

Unfortunately I’m not alone. I checked my internet connection again, but it’s the same thing.

If anyone (343) wants to see some of the lag issues, and the aforementioned matchmaking issues as well, you can take a look at my Fileshare, my GT is the same as my username here, with a 4 and two 0 in the name.

Check “Capture the Lag Prime” A and B. Two perspectives of the same lag, and nope, not a hologram…
And take a look at some of the rosters, too (Back-Button during movie), see how even they are…

your own internet speed doesnt matter. xbox live is capped at abour 3dl and 3 up.

the game has had 2 title updates. and your connection history get reset everytime they do that.

Actually, should your internet lie below those values, or be used in a shared environment, then it does matter, but I usually post the values so people don’t start with “get better internet”.

And the Open NAT is not according to Halo but according to Xbox Live Connection Testing, so the Title Update or Connection History has no influence on that.

But usually those two things are the things support for any game will ask you to look if you complain about lag or connection problems:

Is your NAT open?
What’s your bandwidth?
Is it wired or wireless? (it’s wired, btw).

Since the problems only have cropped up in the last two days, I seriously doubt it’s my connection, especially since others have similar issues.

Hey man, who really gives a s*** about lag in an unfinished game? Sure, we’ve all seen a ton of wack s*** like rockets clearly sailing through warthogs with nothing to show for it but failure, BROS roll up having a whole team’s worth of clips dumped into them while they run briskly away with the flag, but come on- We don’t have full 8v8 gameplay yet, the flag can’t be dropped, Assault is GONE… as if we need to keep talking about things as if this game has been completed. Let’s worry about lag once the game is truly competitve.

Real playlists up to Halo Standard.

Ranking system installed.

Then address the modding (I mean lag)


Actually, the way I see it, it’s the other way around. If I am unable to play the game in full functionality, I can hardly judge the game itself, nor would I presume to say what it needs or doesn’t need.

I’d much rather have a game that works first, then people that know better than me can try and improve its features.

There’s no point in additional game modes, features or adjustments if you cannot play the game. Matchmaking Issues and Quality of Connection should be the priority, since feature changes or additions - as much as they might be welcome - are dependent on a solid and quality matchmaking structure, and, frankly, useless without a functional game to stand on.

Also, back on topic, Matchmaking has been better today in Wargames, but it’s still a drag.

Several games were lopsided, one game of BTS started and finished with 8 people that played 5v3. I don’t get that.

Finding games was better, but there was still lag, albeit not as bad as the last two days.

EDIT: Sorry, the lag is still going strong. I swear, it’s like Crysis 2.

Additionally, for one Game Search, the people playing different playlists had gone down to 100s. The screen blinked once, then the player numbers went from between 4,000 and 30,000 to 0 and 650. That was around 21:00 CET. And of course that was probably the best quality match I had in days.

On the other hand, now Spartan Ops is laggy as hell, the annoying input lag that happens in Co-Op.