Matchmaking poll

The question is simple: What was your very best moment when playing in competetive matchmaking?

I got a ranked Invincible on Valhalla in Halo 3.

Mine was during SWAT on Reflection when my entire team quit except for me, and I still won when outnumbered by 4. This actually happened twice, but during 2nd time, one of the enemies quit 6 minutes in. My tactic was to pick them off one by one by hiding near the elevators., am only engage 1 at a time.

Killed two blues with a shotgun, leaving me with half shields. His friends blindly come at me, so I take cover. They’re so close together that I throw a sticky on one of them, killing him and taking away his buddy’s shields. I take the BR from his corpse and swiftly finish the last one of with a headshot, finishing my 45 second run of adrenaline.

Its hard to pick, but one of my favorite moments was in a heavies CTF match in Ragnarok. I got in a Wraith at the base next to the waterfall, aimed as high as I could and fired a shot. A few seconds later I got a kill, and the replay showed that I killed a guy guarding the enemy flag just before my teammate grabbed their flag.

getting my Perfection in Halo 3 on Sandbox