Matchmaking & Other Bugs - In Italy

Here in Italy there is many many… too many issues…

First of all the matchmaking is still unplayable, the server never find a game, also tried to re-matchmaking after 5min of waiting.

Then the in-game group system is totally wrong, When i group with my other friends, and we start to search a game, after 5 min of search when i go back to the matchmaking selection list, all my friend must regroup to me because the group auto-disband.

When we finish a custom game match game, is the same issue all the group is autodisbanded, plus, when we group i can’t invite anyone of my friend but my friend must join on me, plus the in the group sometimes we can see us together other no.

Please fix this is soon because we love this game, we playing halo from the begining, and now to see this game ruined by these bugs (never seen before) it’s really frustating… we are all disappointed, halo is the killer app and a flag for microsoft, we expect to see the thing get right better…or we’ll quit from this wonderful game.

Its like this in America too