Warzone and other playlists besides Arena Slayer are NOT WORKING in these countries:

  • Argentina - Chile - Brasil - Uruguay - Perú - Australia - Malaysia - China - Japan - Korea - Singapore - Scotland - EnglandWe want to know whats is going on!

Do you know this problems even exists?

Are you from 343 working to fix this?

How long its gonna take?

We already wait too long.

Another week without most of the playlists…

Another half-baked Halo… seems to be a trend with you from 343

It is that so hard for you to just, at least, comment something here?

Just say that they you looking into it! It would be enough for now…

All playlists doesnt work. Brazil

Lets flood this forum!!!

Create you own post!!

If they ignore a post with more than 75 pages, and more than 1500 coments, maybe they will notice 1000 posts on their forum!!!

Also, lets flood @Brav twitter!!

Keep complaining until 343 give us an answer!!

Team Arena, ok. Other modes, no way.

Warzone works in very rare cases. And I am not the only one.

It’s Singapore, not singapure. I also still have matchmaking problems. It sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t. Most of the time it doesn’t. I feel like getting a refund since I have no idea how long I should wait…

In Chile , the online does not work , I can not play anything . please solve this or give me back my money .

Like I already said…

Want them to see this and do something about it?




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> It’s Singapore, not singapure.

I’m sorry. I’ve edited it.

Hey 343i, you are good guys, but, this sucks.

Same here


Everything that requires a lobby does not work.
I can only start a solo campaign mission.


And even the solo campaign crashes to the xbox home screen

no war zone is players in Brazil , on the rare occasions I can play 'm released a ninth waiting room after each game.

team arena not working in argentina most of the time…even with mcc i can find matches

Halo game since Halo 2 , never this lack of respect from the bungie . Players who bought the game paid for it , get a poor quality service without even giving an answer , about what is happening. bungie back .