Matchmaking Not Working

Since launch I been experiencing countless issues with matchmaking. It takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to find an arena match, and when it does, I always experience unplayable lag. I rarely find a Warzone match, and when I do, it’s after many 5-10 minute waiting periods, and I again experience unplayable lag. As I am located in Hong Kong for school I enjoy playing online with my friends back in the US, but I’ve noticed that with Halo 5 matchmaking I am “locked out” when I try to join them. I’ve already tried numerous troubleshooting steps with Microsoft support

My Internet settings (Located in Hong Kong)
5G router (Wireless)
10 Mb down
30 Mb up
packet loss: 0%
MTU: 1480
latency: 287
Wireless strength: 100%

I never experienced any of these issues with Halo MCC (After it was fixed) and I was always able to connect with my friends in the US without experiencing lag, and I was definitely able to find and join games in my own region. I am very worried that there are simply inadequate servers located in my region and that I won’t be able to play matchmaking strictly due to my geographical location. 343 please help.