Matchmaking needs some tweaking

We all know that the matchmaking system can be pretty brutal at times, especially if you’re a lone wolf. Being paired up with questionable team mates is always risky. I don’t have friends who play Halo (or have Xbox for that matter) so im forced to go it alone. The main problem with the systems is it needs to match you with people with the same skill, thats the most enjoyable game you can play. That way you’re not getting murdered by platinum and diamond players every couple of seconds, and the members on your team aren’t people who are new to the game. It’s just frustrating having someone who suicides like 3 times in the game and has like 2 kills and over 20 deaths. Im not the best player but still, it’s not fair. With that being said, when its the other way around and you’re in the lead say by 30 points, thats when the matches are boring. Killing the same person over and over is boring man. If we were matched with players who have the same average KDA per match and skill, i think it would be so much better as the game is close and keeps you focused at all times. I get matched with people who are like 114 SR and are absolutely terrible. Then you have the smurf accounts, that’s just downright atrocious. Im not saying i hate Halo or anything like that, i love the game im hooked and can barely put the controller down, i just think it needs tweaking and fixes. Im hoping they release a update only for fixing bugs and issues like this, that would be awesome.