Matchmaking multiplayer

Intento buscar partida en halo 3 multijugador tanto en social games como en competitive games y nunca encuentro jugadores alguien me podria ayudar? muchisimas gracias de antemano.

I try to find a game in halo 3 multiplayer both in social games and competitive games and I never find players, could someone help me? thank you very much in advance

Odd, considering H3 is consistently the most popular game. Are your search filters too narrow by any chance?

EDIT: I thought you may have been referring to the MCC version. I apologize if you were not.

I usually look for any kind of mode in h3 :frowning:

These days there are no players anymore, try looking for clubs in discord.
Halo3 is already an old video game, only the good moments remain in our memories.