Matchmaking issue

I’m making a thread of it’s own for this issue, since I haven’t seen it reported anywhere else and for people to notice it and possibly encounter themselves…

So after the latest fix, although I’ve had it happen before, it’s happening non-stop. Once I’ve finished a match, I can’t get new matches unless I trigger the loading screen by reverting from arena category to the main menu or by loading the message of the day. I’m not certain if this is the case when searching matches with a group, but even then the matching time is crazy.

But yeah. Keep an eye out whether it’s a general thing or just something I for some bizarre reason keep struggling with. Explanations are welcome too.

It might be a problem with your internet, console or even with the installation of the update. I only have experimented the eternal matching time, but that might be because of the quantity of players playing the game. Sometimes it match pretty fast (more in the afternoon)

Try by installing the whole game again and if that doesn’t work I wouldn’t have any more ideas to fix it.