matchmaking issue not connecting to server

unable to connect to matchmaking

we are unable to connect to matchmaking in halo reach
we have have been unable to connect for 5 days but my sons friend can connect with out a problem why

I would need some more specifics if I’m gonna be able to help you out. Is your son’s friend able to connect on his account, on your son’s XBox in your house, or is he able to connect on a seperate XBox?

Try taking a peek this thread maybe.

I’ve been playing halo reach for over 6 months without a problem, but then out of the blue I can’t play online anymore, something about not being able to reach the servers, same thing happens in halo 3 (my NAT is open but upstream bandwidth was ‘undetected’). At first I thought it was my router so I reset it and stuff but nothing happened. So I figure it was Bungies end and now I’m waiting, it’s been 3 weeks now and I still can’t play. Help me out here.