Matchmaking is the only bad part

The actual gameplay mechanics when I manage to get into a game are fine. My major problem is how long it takes to find a game, especially after finishing a match and trying to stay in the same lobby. Most major FPS franchises have figured out matchmaking. In fact, Halo used to be up there with CoD as a shining example of how to do it correctly. If 343 broke anything, it is that. There are also minor issues with menus. Does 343 not have a menu expert? They are riddled with bugs. These same problems all exist in MCC too.

I won’t get into my opinions of gameplay but I 100% agree with the matchmaking problems; which I would overlook being a beta if they didn’t exist in MCC also.

I also find myself asking about the competency of the teams involved with matchmaking, ui menus, parties etc

MCC is terrible regarding this. It’s very aggravating. Seems like that should be an easy fix, but thus is the MCC.