matchmaking has flaws

So i just got the game and i can say this game has some very visible flaws. And no i don’t suck, i am very familiar with FPS games and how halo is played.

  • This game has the most unbalanced team pairing ever. It seems like every game my team is very bad that can’t work as a team. Or my team is completely over powered with elite players playing against very bad players.
  • Bad ranking system, who made this completely flawed system? since this game isn’t the top 10 played on xbox, the population must be very low so this ranking system is completely broken as everyone will be placed against people outside of their skillset. Did 343 ever think of this? and of course, people getting placed in wrong divisions (which is why the traditional 1-50 system was great)
  • worst design of maps ever. Can’t believe this is what they worked on for 3+ years of making this game. - And you guys are saying “it takes time to make gamemodes.” shouldn’t they already be made? 3+ months since release (one of reasons why i waited to buy this game so everything can be fixed and released) but nope - Aiming is difficult - Now i haven’t played much but spartan charge can get annoying with the small radar, am i wrong?Now this is completely my opinion, but these things i listed i think are very well true and should be looked at. But i am going to continue playing and hope that i only feel this way because i am new.

What do you guys think?