matchmaking "griefing"

to start, i would like to say that i a not whining about the current state of matchmaking, or about how much i suck (which i do…so don’t say thats the case, because it is, but not the reason for complaining), i am bringing some light to a few people i found in matchmaking who, in my humble opinion, thoroughly deserve the wrath of the ban hammer. now, before i will start, i will link to my fileshare the clip of the game, all 18 minutes!/?section=Film&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0
download it to your xbox and replay it if you cannot take my word for it, but in a sentence, these people were boosting. here is how a round would go down: we would all rush for the ball, as normal, then my team, which by the end would consist of my friend and i, would get slaughtered, and red team would take the ball, and grif would go and hide back by the red spawn. then, two reds would take position by each of the blue spawns, and continuously hit their gravity hammers, until the round was over, except for the first round, in which they actually scored, just so that they would win. my point in all this is, that these people were obviously credit boosting, as they were just trying to get kills, and switching off doing so, and if i got banned for having a full lobby of guests for trying to get an achievement and not ruining anyone’s fun (which i am not saying is good), why should these people get to walk away with a full wallet and a grin under their visor??

Just a heads-up, your link doesn’t work.

The reason the Xbox with the guests gets banned is because the system notices the patterns of the afking guests. The full party boosters will not be noticed by the system, as they are meeting the requirements.

The best way to get the boosters noticed is to report them after the game.

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a few tips so you wont be as easily spawn trapped/or break out of it: 1) spawn with hammer 2) turn sensitivity up. I play on 6 but griffball i go to 9. 3) if trapped pick one direction (left or right) keep holding it while madly pressing hammer button. eventually you should break out and kill the guy. 4) You had the ball one time by your bomb plate and their was an enemy waiting to spawn camp. Take that ball and hit the guy on the nose and say “Bad puppy.” 5) Try to play with a full party. Not always possible i know but being a person down hurts…
Sadly, i wish there was a way to fix spawn trapping, but its been this way since the playlist came out. All gametypes have spawn trapping in it… Just griffball is ridiculous easy to set it up.
This credit thing did not help at all. the performance bonus is often as much as complete game in any other gametype. And ive seen it atleast twice as much. Ive heard people are hitting credit cap in 2 hours. And some of them still play because of K/D diehards.

This is the main reason I stopped playing Grifball. It can be such a fun competitive gametype with real tactics and teamwork. Unfortunately I got into so many games where the opposing team was a party of four, with one person grabbing the ball and the remaining 3 players taking turns to slam you in the FACE with their gravity hammers. Unless you can somehow form a plan with your random team-mates, your chances are slim.

The only real solution I can think of is to give the ball a timer so it explodes every minute. A minute of possession sounds like a more than reasonable allowance to make some sort of attempt at scoring. I know that sounds ridiculous and changes the whole dynamic of the game but these guys are ruining Grifball! It’s bad enough that the sword has been rendered useless in Reach Grifball and that the host is the freaking god in this gametype especially!

I dont think the sword is rendered useless. Infiniterain can prove that. Having the bomb on a minute timer wouldnt help stop spawn trapping. You only need 3 to do it. So all they would do is either throw it down at last second or blow up and get it again.

That’s not my definition boosting but that’s just camping that willhappen every match in grifball which is why I don’t play grifball.

But if you think it’s boosting then what you would want to do is report the player or players after the match.