Matchmaking Gametype Images and Anniversary

Hi guys!
I have a question regarding matchmaking, and was wondering why I cannot see the Gametype images when I am searching for a match.
These are not the gametypes themselves, they should appear after you selcect a Gametype in the top left portion of the screen.
Can someone tell me how to get them?

Also, I have All the Halo Games, including Anniversary, and was wondering how I could get the Anniversary map pack from the Anniversary disk to play in reach, not to download them off the marketplace.

Thanks in advance,
Maverick CT59

I’ve got no idea why the gametype images aren’t showing up, though that’s probably not too big a problem. As for the Anniversary maps, if you bought CE:A new, it should have come with a code inside the front cover that lets you download the map pack for free and use it with the Halo: Reach disc. Something that looks like this, with a code on the back.

Oh, I totally forgot about the fact I had those codes!!!
Thanks for the reminder, now I can go get some nifty Avatar 117 Armour, THANKS!!!
AS for the images, thanks anyway, I guess I still get to play, Images don’t really mean that much compared to the online gaming.

Thanks for all your help,

Maverick CT59

Sure thing lol. I’m sure one day the images will magically reappear.

Yeah, I hope they do.
They were fine before, until I updated my game to Halo Reach 1.1

Try installing the game to your hard-drive! Most unexplainable and weird issues like that are usually fixed when it is!

Um…still not there…Someone plz help!!!

Can I contact bungie/343???
If so, how?