Matchmaking: fun or frustrating

-After typing the whole text I noticed it was pretty long… but thou shallt read it anyways!..or else… -
Ok, first off, I’ll Introduce myself a bit:
I am a big fan of the halo series as it was my first game on the original xbox,
I both loved the compelling single player story and the system link fun I had with my friends in multiplayer.

And then came Halo2: which was, in my opinion, the most solid game of the series in terms of maps en simply how the game played.

I then didn’t own a 360, but bought just so I could play Halo 4, as it seemed to be a good mix of fresh ideas and not screwing the gameplay up too much with all the new and fancy thingies

BUT: after playing some months now I can’t help to notice that when I’m playing I get frustrated a lot, instead of having fun.
And just to be clear, I gues there will always be a bit of frustration when you miss your no-shielded enemies , do something dumb or get sniped when calling in that juicy ordinance drop and respawn on the other side of the map. you’ll just have to cope with things like that. I have listed some things I wondered I you guys also seem to have trouble with:

1: what I am referring to is that the matchmaking system (and I know halo2 also had this problem) seems to take ages to find you a game.
I mean, come on waiting for half a minute is more or less the minimum you can expect to wait and when you are already matched with some players because of your last game or because you are playing with friends, 2 minutes of waiting before you found enough “matched” players is terribly long.
good thing you can tamper with your loadout a bit, but after a few months you kinda don’t change them anymore and you find yourself staring at a blue screen for 2 minutes and who knows how much longer before the game actually starts.

And once in-game a pause when a player quits (or so) is also not uncommon.

This alone gets on my nerves, especially when you know that with a certain other shooter, which should not be named on a halo forum, you pick your gametype and seconds later you are playing game after game, without problems.

I mean: HOW HARD CAN IT BE, since the players you are being matched with, don’t “match” your skill level anyway. -Which brings my to my second point-

2: The players you are matched with don’t seem to match your skill level, actually not at all…
With the coming of CSR I thought of the good old H2 days, where you struggle through the skill levels, gruadually meeting better players and thus improving your own game along the way. This is however, not the case in Halo 4.
the first few times I play, let’s say infinity slayer I indeed meet some noobies, along with the accasional better player, which offcourse leads you to dominate the match. And then I came across the types of matches which seem to be mandatory now.
You either epically win, or hopelessly lose.
No matter how I seem to be playing, It just seems to depend on whether my team sucks donkeyballzz or the opposing team is better in every concievable way.
most of the matches end something like 600-300.
Which is just no fun. At all.
you just have to hope you are put ‘on the right side of things.’
I guess this is also the result of not bringing your own party, but come on, this can’t be the REAL problem now can it?
–>because let’s say the players in the party are worth more in the game then their individual skill is worth and those loners who didn’t bring their party underperform as a team, although they are worth more individually.
Shouldn’t this lead to the situation where the party-players meet their match in randomly slected loners with better individual capabilities?
In other words: IF you match a party of lvl 30 vs individual players of lvl 30 in team slayer against each other, This should mean that it IS an even match, BECAUSE they got their level in THAT gametype.
Knowing this: regular matches with outcomes of 600-300 can only mean that the game either doesn’t match you with players with the same CSR (then WHY am I waiting so long for the game to find me a matched player?)
OR the game is deciding to do funny stuff with outcomes of matches which leads players to not get their Competitive Skill Rank according to their…Skill…
…or the game is drunk and angry with you for not downloading the DLC which costs 10 bucks a piece.

The 3 possibilities together are the most likely case I guess.

anyways: sense, this makes none. Which flawlessly brings me to the next point of criticism.
3:bring back the 4-shot kill (at least for BR)!
It makes for a more flowing game where you are able to finally kill of the enemies when your team is on drugs and fails to back you up.
also: FFA will become less of a kill-stealing contest since you can finish your kills before they die of age or THAT GUY that shoots across the map to get him/her/it before you do. no discussion. just bring it back!-it seems they are thinking about it, but more doing would be nice-

4:I am literally (pretty sure I am using literally in the wrong way here)
afraid to step into a regeneration field, because if I die in it, chances are VERY real that you have to play the rest of the match with those silly blllrrrrghh and bwww-noises.(you guys had that too?)

5:camo-campers GO AWAY

6:When you decide to play splitscreen because you actually have friends in real life (or paid them/kidnapped them) the game can be SUPER laggy .

7:instead of making the dlc maps look super fantastic (I mean that) and with ships flying in the background and stuff, Couldn’t we have had MORE maps for the same price.(Bill Gates must have a cold shiver when I hit “post”)
I mean, the campaign looks fantastic, the maps that came with the game also look really nice, after playing the game for a while, I just want MORE to PLAY with.
Not more to LOOK at.(it’s a welcome bonus though)
Also: it can sometimes be the simple maps that prove to be most fun
And: I want to have a scorpion duel in BTB!

8: I feel like there should be something beyond SR130

9:wow, almost forgot an important one:
what is the point of trying to have a skill rank system when half of the time you join a match in progress with too much of a disadavantage.
-I joined an infinity slayer game when the score was in the area of 200-30, with 1 other guy on my team. the rest of the game I was either alone or some other poor guy joined in to experience the fun.
-I joined a Rumble pit and when I was actually in-game the leader had 150 points.

10: I have 117 characters left for this post!

I have the feeling I am forgetting something big… but then again who is going to read through all of this? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, 343 I thank thee for still working on the game and listening to feedback, but come on… I miss the exciting 590-600 games

ps: just played a 200-600 infinity slayer game…
we had 200 ofc.
Halo please, tell me how this was supposed to be an even match?
the KIll/Deaths as in their service record:
me: 14500/9000



their K/D is not that impressive, but I am assuming that if have 75 000 kills, you have a tiny bit more experience than a guy with 10 000

I had a wopping 5 kills and 11 deaths :p(best guy got 7 kills and 13 deaths)
needless to say that we got raped and it wasn’t fun…

MM is more fun to me then frustrating but only because I make it that way. I’ve spent a fair bit of time finding what playlists I enjoy most and what sort of gameplay I want to adopt to get the most out of the game. Now I have fun instead of raging.

343i you should all hear this guy

Skill rank system doesn’t work, at least in matchmaking.

I’m a poor CSR1 and will be for some time and waiting 5-10 minutes to be matched can sure result in better than me ending up with several CSR30+ nearly every time.

If I’m going to wait that long, there MUST be 7 other CSR1s go through the system in that time, that’s long enough for nearly all games to have started and finished, and while I’m one of the worst players in the Halo universe, I can’t be the only CSR1

Personally when I have a chance to play with friends I have fun mostly because we don’t really take the game seriously and just have a good time talking with each other n such. But I cannot play alone since I get so frustrated. Which is a first for me with a halo game. I used to stream Halo 4 everyday but it’s just become a situation where the dumb stuff starts happening(instant respawn shananigans, weapon drop bull, JIP bull) and I just say screw this and play something else.