Matchmaking: Doubles - Feedback

This is coming from a player, who has experience competing in multiple games but I am without experience in game development. However, there are a few changes I would like to see to the playlist Team Doubles.

1.) 8 Second Respawn: The initial reason for 5 second respawn was because a teammate would die, leaving the other teammate to be collapsed on. This may sound good on paper but was terribly executed. Either the player on red team dies, and as blue is attempting to push in on the second player, the other red player will spawn directly next to them or in a place that doesn’t really make any sense[1]. It does speed up the game, but its more of a feeding frenzy than it is a fast game. The breaking point for me was when Team Beyond hosted a 2v2 tournament 7/26/2017 and the settings were the most up to date respawn time of 6 seconds [2]. There was absolutely no support from what I can tell, and the players were so against it, in the FINALS of the game knowing that the game was 6 seconds throughout the entire tournament, agreed to use 8 second respawn and refused to use 6 seconds[3]. The only actual point I see in this, is making deaths less punishable for when powerups are about to spawn. Even then, I still see it as a weak argument, but I am not a game developer. I’d also like to bring up a parallel with Call of Duty. In the game mode Hardpoint, the game will either place you near the hill or far away from the hill, depending on your allies location. I think this is an essential skill gap that needs to be addressed within halo. A death does not mean certain death for the partner, (thats not quite how it was worded, and I may be taking the words out of context,) but rather just an increased chance. It makes less room for RNG and more room for skill based gameplay.

[1] Twitch (Yes that was me, and yes I was top lava before he spawned there)
[3] Twitch (I’m aware that this video is for subscribers only, but any subscriber / viewer of the game will be willing to vouch that they only used HCS settings rather than Team Beyond settings.

2.) Camo on Eden & Molten: Can we at least get an explanation on this? Camo on Molten is always “free” for one team, while the other team has no chance of getting it, let alone sometimes even contesting the camo. The other team spawns with NO advantage. My point being that the team that spawns top lava can also get to sniper faster as well. I think a very good solution to this problem would be an example from Halo 3 MLG Construct, where the powerup does not spawn immediately but rather two minutes into the game.
Eden is only slightly different. Personal anecdotal belief here: but I believe the reason there was so little controversy about sniper spawning blue was because it is a weapon and it could be somewhat defended. In doubles, its a lot less likely to be able to defend (although in very few cases I admit, red team could possibly do it). The problem here (no not Commonly) is the fact that camo is a buff to a player. That means it can and only will benefit that team that receives the buff. Whereas a weapon such as a sniper, can be converted between teams. Although one starts with the advantage of a power weapon, the weapon can be converted to a different team unlike a buff to a player. This is also a situation where I believe that maybe delaying the time of the camo would be a good idea. Is there any explanation as to why these were practically given away to a specific colored team?

3.) The Brute Plasma Rifle: Okay. I see what you did there. You brought a weapon back from the older games and tried to make it powerful and not be an ineffective weapon. This is a GREAT idea as a hard counter to over shield such as the the plasma pistol. I cannot say how much I agree that this dynamic works very well to taking out overshields. The Problem: This works way to well, as it literally drains the shield of an opponent close range (mid range if skilled enough) and allows for an easy beatdown kill [4] or shooting with the Brute Rifle and switching to a precision weapon for a headshot. This weapon was taken out of HCS for obvious reasons and I believe it should also be taken out of doubles for the same reasons as well. Way to fast TTK (Time to Kill) and there is no punishment for the weapon. I would take this weapon over a shotgun or a scattershot due to the excessive range, TTK, and the fact there is very little punishment. Whereas for a shotgun, it is at a set range, of course obvious OHK (one hit kill) and it can be punished if you miss a shot / aren’t in the correct range.

[4] Warning - Loud Twitch - Warning - Loud Sorry, I was actually just surprised that the weapon can kill you in (not an exaggeration) less than a second (This content also may be available for a certain amount of time. I’ll try to keep it up and running as long as possible).

4.) Bringing HCS to Doubles: Yeah I 100% doubt this is going to happen but I have to at least try. The radar is incredible for doubles gameplay, as instead of crouching everywhere you go, you can at least walk without being literally punished. For movement? That seems unacceptable to me, but apparently it is how you designed the game and I cannot argue with a game developer. Now the impossible, the removal of automatic weapons. It would be great to be able to go into doubles knowing that it would be a sort of practice for tournaments. However this is not the case. AR’s and other automatic weapons (Storm rifle on the rig, Brute Plasma Rifles, SMG on Eden, and… suppressors…?) make the game less skill based and this was clearly shown throughout HCS. Yes, I’m aware of the argument that you don’t even need to present to ruin this train of thought. That is that I may be part of the minority, the competitive, and that you are indeed catering to the majority, the casuals.

5.) DLC Maps (Molten was addressed): From a consumer point of view I understand that you paid people to create these maps and its unfortunate it seems no matter what new content you put out there, people just dislike because its new. I personally think that Tyrant is much better with an over shield and a sniper. Some people just dislike the maps and thats their preference and it will most likely be dodged. Mercy though. Its like regret and truth. The problem is(this is 100% personal and only my opinion) that it is somehow way to boring. Regret and Truth, are okay and I don’t know why. Maybe its because I’m used to playing it and I hopped on the negativity train towards mercy because its new? Either way, like I stated this is my own opinion, I think adding a Sniper or some weapon would add to the fun of the game. Hydra, Plasma Pistol, and Overshield? Its just boring and insert I hate new things bandwagon here.

You PM’d me and asked for a link to the thread.

I linked you to the pinned thread that has the megathreads in it. There is a Doubles feedback thread there. You need to use that one.