Matchmaking BTB Halo 5

I have been playing Halo for a long time. 1,2,3,3B,4,an extra i don’t know name of , 5…
I have played many hours of mostly great fun. Some memories i will never forget.
I can’t play Halo 5!
I play bigteam because i don’t like thee just shooting of slayer, i like to have so grade of strategy.
Matchmaking for btb is soooo bad that i always have to wait for 10,20,30 min to find a game.
Sometimes i find 3,4 games in a row but then it is over.
SO… i quit!
Halo 5 will be the last one, i just put it back in the box, my patience is over…
i still can’t understand how they can -Yoink- up a game so well.

Bye bye bungie, thanks for the memories